Acceptance of Terms & Conditions


By using this website and any of the services provided on the website, the users automatically agree to all the terms and conditions associated with the same. If the terms and conditions are not acceptable to any user, they are requested to refrain from using this website. Along with the standard terms and conditions, the users of this website are also assumed to agree to all the notices displayed or referenced on the website. Changes to the terms and conditions can be made at any time without any prior notice or information to the users of the website. If you choose to continue to use this website after such changes, it is deemed as acceptance of the changes in the terms and conditions.

Laws Applicable To This Website

The official website of Dasp Mart has been formed and it is fully controlled by the Dasp. Any issues with regards to the terms and conditions and disclaimers with regards to this website will be settled in the court of law which has jurisdiction over the same in Pratapgarh.

Important Terms and Definitions Used

Agreement –

This term shall apply to all the terms and conditions contained and controlled by Dasp Mart. Any changes to these terms and conditions will also be covered here


This refers to the official website of the Dasp.

A Late

This refers to any corporate entity

Users/ You

This covers all the buyers, visitors, and users of the website of the official website of Dasp Mart.


This includes all the commodities and services that are sold on the website by Dasp Mart.

Proprietary Rights

All the information, products, and content present on the official website of Dasp Mart belong solely to the company. The users of the website are aware of and agree to complete autonomy and respect the copyright on the content of the website belonging to Dasp Mart. Proprietary rights and laws cover the entire content and material present on the website. The users of the website cannot make any changes, edit, transfer, copy, display, or perform any activity on this content without the permission of the company. If any user is found to be using the content of the website without the knowledge and explicit permission of the owner of the website, it will be considered to be an unlawful act, subject to legal action.

Eligibility for Becoming the Website’s Member

People or entities, who are allowed by the Indian Contract Act, 1872, to enter into legal contract, can alone become a member of this website. The definition of the people and entities that can legally enter into contracts is given in the Indian Contract Act, 1872, and the same shall be applicable here as well. Hence, minors, mentally incompetent, etc., anyone who cannot enter into a legal contract under the Indian Contract Act, is prohibited from registering and becoming a member of this website as well. However, minors can enter into transactions with the website, under the legal guardianship of their parents. The company reserves the right to accept and disapprove the membership of any person and entity. The company can at any time cancel the membership of an existing member as well. This cancellation of membership usually happens when the company discovers wrong information or wrongful activities being performed by the members.

Disclaimer for Warranties

All the products, information, content, and material present on the website are available for the use of the visitors to the website. No warranties of any kind are offered on this content. The company does not guarantee that all the information available on the website is 100% accurate and does not take full responsibility for the same. The company does not provide any warranty for ensuring that the website will be available at all times and at all locations. Defects, viruses, harmful content, etc., that may be present on the website, do not fall under the responsibility of the website; hence no warranty is offered by the company for the same. The users of the website use the information and services of this website at their own sole risk.

Electronic Communications

The users visit the website and use its services through the internet. Similarly, the users also write emails to the company electronically. The company responds to the users and their queries electronically via emails, etc. This electronic communication is accepted as written communication for legal purposes

Terms and Conditions for Online Purchases

Below are some of the most important terms and conditions that apply to any transaction that happens on the website of company:

  • The contract of purchase and sale includes price, shipping, delivery, etc. related to the product being sold and purchased. The company has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without any prior intimation.
  • The user of the website should be minimum of 18 years of age or should use our services under the supervision of his or her parent or guardian. This condition is the most important and supersedes all the other terms and conditions.
  • The prices mentioned on the website are in terms of Indian rupees.
  • Once the user has shown acceptance to purchase a product from the company, they will have to complete the transaction and cannot pull back from the same.
  • The sale of products listed at wrong prices by mistake stand canceled automatically. Even if the entire sale procedure has been completed and money transferred, the sale will stand canceled and the buyer will get a refund of the paid amount.
  • Payments through credit cards should be made using personal cards only. The company will not be held responsible for any credit card fraud.
  • If a delivery is delayed or a non-delivery happens due to the fault of the user, the extra cost for re-delivery shall be borne by the user.
  • 24 hours are needed to check the accuracy of online payments made through payment gateways. The shipment period starts only once the payment has been confirmed.
  • The warranties, guarantees, and terms of service and maintenance on the products are in accordance with those offered by the manufacturer of the product. We shall not be held responsible for the same.
  • The users agree to use the services, products, and content available on the company website for lawful purposes only.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to provide correct and authentic information on the company website.
  • For refunds, cancellations, and partial deliveries, information about the same should be provided to the company within 24 hours in writing.

Limited Liability

The company will be liable for any loss or damage that the users may suffer due to their own inability to use the products and information available on the website correctly. In some jurisdictions, the companies cannot claim complete indemnity in such cases. Under those circumstances, the company shall be liable only to the extent mentioned in the law.


The company offers membership to its website free of cost to all people. Anyone can access the website and view its content and transact on the same without any payment or fees. However, the company reserves the right to change its policies at any time.

User Identifications

The company does not ask its members to provide proof of their identity in all cases. However, the company has the sole discretion to ask for the same from any member it desires. Failure to provide the required proof can result in rejection or cancellation of your membership with the company.


The company has complete authority to terminate the account of any member at any point of time without offering any reason or explanation for its decision. The company is not responsible for providing any notice or prior information to the user about the termination of his or her membership.

Responsibility for Other Businesses

Dasp Mart is not responsible for any actions, information, or transactions that the users may enter into with other companies and websites that may be affiliated with Dasp Mart. Links for various third-party websites may be available on the website of Dasp Mart, but the company does not take any responsibility for the same.

Privacy Policies

Dasp Mart understands the importance of offering the customers privacy with regards to the information they share with the company on its website. The company promises to store all the customers’ information on computers that are fully protected using all the latest available physical as well as technological measures. If the users are not comfortable with the company sharing their information with other websites, they are requested to not use our website.


The Dasp Mart cannot be held responsible for any sort of loss that occurs while making online payments to the company unless the company is directly responsible for causing this loss. However, the company will not be responsible under the following circumstances:

  • Transaction not being authorized correctly.
  • Breach of limits set between the user and its bank
  • Payment issues arising with the user’s bank
  • Payment is getting declined for any other reason from the user’s bank.

Breach of Contract

User memberships shall stand terminated if a breach of contact happens. Conditions leading to a breach of contract include the following:

  • Terms, conditions, rules, and policies of the company are breached by the user.
  • Information provided by the user found incorrect
  • If the actions of the user are considered illegal.

Under no circumstances the company, Dasp Mart can be held responsible for any sort of damages arising out of this contract and its terms and conditions. Even if the company is provided with prior notice and the special circumstances where such loss or damage can occur, still the company stands fully indemnified against the same and will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the user.