Heavy Duty Household Rice Mill Machine with 3hp Motor


Rice Mill Machine
3Hp Motor
2800 RPM
≥200 kg/h Productivity Capacity


Heavy Duty Household Rice Mill Machine with 3hp Motor
Description :
  • This Household Electric Rice Mill Machine is an electrically operated machine which comes with 3HP Motor. The output capacity of this machine is ≥200 kg/hr (milling), the RPM of this system is 2800 and has 100% copper coil motor with chrome finish body. The power consumption of this machine would be 2.2 units per hour, which means the electricity cost would be Rs 12-20 maximum per hour to run this system. This Rice mill machine is perfect for household use.
  • Milling is the most important step which happens during the post-production of rice. Paddy has to undergo certain procedures in order to be fit for consumption and it can’t be consumed in its raw form. The purpose of the rice mill machine is to remove impurities from rice by removing layers of husk and bran. After cleaning rough paddy rice getting smooth long grain rice. This mill produces the extent of quality during any weather condition.
Specifications :
  • Product Type : Rice Mill Machine
  • Brand : Made in India
  • Power(kw) : 2.2
  • Motor : 3 HP
  • Motor Winding : 100 % Copper coil
  • RPM : 2800 r/min
  • Power : 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Spindle Speed r/min : 1500-1600
  • Productivity : ≥200 kg/h(milling)
  • Hopper Capacity : 14 kg
  • Dimension (L x W x H) : 670 x 395 x 1140 mm
  • Weight : 55 Kg (Approx)


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