Chaff Cutter Cum Pulverize

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Chaff and hay played a vital role in most agricultural production as it was used for feeding cows. Cows were extensively used in farming operations until they were replaced by tractors. Chaff cutters have evolved from the basic machines into commercial standard machines that can be driven at various speeds and can achieved various lengths of cuts of chaff with respect to animal preference type.

Specifications :
Model No. : dasp-ch02
Product Type : Chaff Cutter cum Pulveriser
Brand Name : dasp
Voltage : 1(Single)phase
Output Capacity : 500-1000 kg per Hour
Cutter Info. : 3 Nos. High Carbon Stell Blades (Wps Material)
Body : 6 M.M.
Nut-Bolt : All Nut-Bolt Are Hightensile
Color : Car Finish Color
Weight : 30 kg
Body Material : MS body
Required Motor : 2 HP
Required Power Source : Electric Motor, Diesel Engine
Machine Feed : Straw, Dry Grass, Fresh Grass, Corn Stalk, Bamboo

Advantages :
Our machine made From 6 MM Heavy Body.
Zero Maintenance.
This machine can be used as a Pulveriser also.
Easy Operation of this machine for Manage size of output
High Quality Bolt were used for Strength.
Various Types Of Pulverizer Screans Available.

Benefits :
Chaff cutter for cow feed crushing machine is a used for processing forage grass, green grass, dry corn straw, and wheat stalk. The final products can be used to feed cattle, goats, deer, and horses. These high speed chaff cutter for dairy farm operate at very high speed, modern machines for upcoming dairy farmers. These chaff cutter machines make all type of foodder, chaff and cut any farm output into small chaff particals that are enjoyed by cow’s, buffalo, goat, camels etc

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  1. ashish parimal

    this machine is very good thanks to dasp mart

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